OPITEC PlusLine Turning Wheels

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Turning Wheels
Selected materials and clear objectives to provide children with competency-based arts and crafts lessons.The collection encourages experimentation and can be used for many applications. The children observe rotating discs (colour discs), which are glued onto wooden wheels and supplied with power using rubber bands. The basic design, the colour discs, their speed and direction of rotation are all variable. A mix of acrylic, plywood and solid pine strips.
Useful box for storing school supplies, such as geometry triangle, circle, pins, etc.
Skills required: scribing, drilling, sawing, glueing and assembling.
Size: approx 150 x 100 x 260 mm

1 piece

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Optik, Malen, Zeichnen, Farbscheiben, Werkpackung, Bausatz
Recommended age 8+ years
Tools needed