OPITEC PlusLine Balloon Vehicle

  • 4,000.00 AMD

Article information
Balloon Vehicle
The balloon-vehicle can be easily and quickly set up in the classroom. The material package offers enough room for your own experiments and ideas on the theme: recoil principle. Wide range of applications beyond the construction phase supports competence-oriented work.
Required skills: Cutting and glueing.
Teaches movement behaviour of rolling objects
and use of simple instructions and model drawings.
Size: approx. 150 x 90 x 170 mm
1 piece

Verwandte Suchbegriffe:
Bausatz, Werkpackungen, Fahrzeug, Auto, Kartonbausatz, Papierbausatz, Papierauto
Recommended age 6+ years
Tools needed
Warning! Article is not suitable for children under the age of 3.
Not inflated balloons are kept away from children. Throw burst balloons away immediately. Keep the balloons away from eyes. Use a pump to inflate the balloons. The product is produced using natural rubber latex, which can cause allergies.
There is a danger of suffocation!
Age recommendation: 6+